Tramping is to walk with a firm heavy step, trudge or to travel on foot by hiking. There are two different types of tramping. The people who participate in the activity of Tramping are called Tramps. There are two different types of tramping. There is Rubber Tramps, and Leather Tramps. They both live the same lifestyles but the way they travel, are different. Rubber Tramps are the people who savor the open road. These people use vehicles such as old buses, vans, and cars as their homes. Rubber Tramps use there own vehicles just to travel around. They do odd jobs for cash so they can put gas into there car. A Rubber Tramps vehicle is usually beat up and ragged looking. The second type of tramp is Leather Tramp. Leather Tramps live in old converted vehicles just like Rubber Tramps. The difference between the two is, instead of driving there own vehicle they hitchhike to there destination.